Monday, August 11, 2008

Prison Boxing Blues

Trickhouse, an online quarterly, just published a piece of mine on the Greenhaven Correctional Facility boxing team, the last prison boxing team in the state of New York. I wrote the piece a few years back but this its first official appearance. It's an impressionistic essay with a little analysis thrown in.


Benedict Smith said...

you captured a lot of that which first enamored me to boxing, and still does....makes me miss my amature boxing days, and all the pain/minor glory that I experienced as a result. great peice. there's two types of people in the world: those who understand/know....those who don't.

Robot Boy said...

We have to help that other, much larger group to understand. Because they have all the money.

Benedict Smith said...

yeah. experience vs long as they'd like to read about it/pay for the vicarious version....i think i can live with the way things are.