Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go West, Old Man

So I'm driving cross-country for the first time since - well, let's just say that Reagan was president and I wasn't of drinking age.

The first two times I went for a woman - to be with her, and then to be without her. This time is for a fellowship at UC Irvine, which is not quite as bad as getting a job.

I took the northern route the first time, Highway 80. Nebraska, I recall, is really long and flat. The second time, on Greyhound no less, I went through the Southwest and then up through the Midwest. It was high summer and I drove with a tattooed redneck who fed his three year-old brandy to make it sleep.

This time I'm thinking maybe via Nashville and the Southwest again. I've never seen the Grand Canyon.

Wondering if anyone has thoughts on sights along the way.


BJG. said...

I did the northern route last summer as well, but with a weird detour that I'd actually highly recommend: spend a couple of days in Boulder, CO and then go waaay down to Taos, NM and check out the pueblo over there. You should see Taos either way because it's gorgeous and not really too far out off-course (plus you can hike to the bottom of a gorge that has hot springs if you don't mind doing some research among the locals), but I especially liked entering New Mexico from the Colorado side. Not the desert-scape I expected to see. Carson Forest is an incredible place. Whatever you do, though, have fun. Looking forward to having you here in our sleepy super-suburb.

BJG. said...

Actually, come to think of it, my last blog entry was also about that cross-country trip. Cabin fever, I guess.

Benedict Smith said...

the painted cliff is very cool. saw that on my cross country drive when i was also not of drinking age. sitting at a gas station in the 110 degree weather in arizona or nevada was pretty surreal to me as well...that and any road sign informing you "Last Gas Station 175 miles."

Robot Boy said...

Well, I torpedoed the cross-country trip. My driver kept changing the schedule and I finally had to bail. The deserts and mountains will have to wait.