Saturday, October 18, 2008

No Country for Old Men?

Who had B-Hop beating Kelly 'The Ghost' Pavlik? Not me.

Yet not only did the old man take the decision, he dominated, winning almost every round and nearly knocking out a celebrated fighter seventeen years younger than him and the heavy favorite (Hopkins is forty-three which is like eighty-four in boxing years).

As I sit here nursing my strained oblique, my fractured wrist, my torn MCL, I lift a pain-killing glass of bourbon to an old warrior who can still thump the kids.

Thank you, Mr. Hopkins.


Billy Jack said...

You get hit by a bus or something?

Robot Boy said...

Yeah, the old age express.
Finally got health insurance and now I'm finding out what's wrong with me. Been walking around with a partial MCL tear for three years.

Jack Goes Forth said...

aren't you around 43?

do they have a Golden Gloves "masters" division?

I'm thinking comeback here.

Call Milton, The Gloves II is basically already writing itself.

Robot Boy said...

You know, they do have an old man division of some sort. And I want nothing to do with it. Only bar fights from now on.

Billy Jack said...

Just stay away from Glasgow barfights. Or at least buy travel insurance first.

John Smith said...
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Benedict Smith said...

i'm included in that batch who doubted old man winter hopkins....he always seems to do it just when he's counted out, like his move up to light heavy against Tarver...and he shines most at those times too....*sigh* hollywood couldn't make a movie more improbable than that plot-oh wait, rocky 6 was already made.

Robot Boy said...

I never thought much of Tarver - once saw him quit in a fight he was winning. And Trinidad had already been exposed by Oscar. But this fight - Pavlik was plowing through the opposition. Got to give it up to the graybeard.

Is John Smith your secret identity? (well, probably Benedict Smith is).