Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Far, So Good


Billy Jack said...

I made the same move quite some time ago and don't regret.

Livejournal seemed too teenager-y social-networking oriented too.

Steve Imparl said...

Yo, welcome to Blogger!

Hopefully, it will meet your needs better. Livejournal has its place, but as Billy Jack observed, it's a different kind of platform; it has things you probably don't need and doesn't have some that you do need.

I do a little blog consulting in my spare time (what spare time?!?!), so I have taken some of the blogging tools for a spin to try out their features. I think you'll like Blogger a lot. The Page Elements feature lets you add cool stuff to your site and customize the content.

Another capability I really like is the "labels" feature that lets you organize the posts by category. Of course, it doesn't easily allow you to set up subcategories*--a requirement my hyper-detailed Asperger's-boy brain often demands--so I use WordPress for some of my blogging, but that seems to be an issue only for crazed individuals like me who want to organize the hell out of information, often for the sheer thrill of it. (Yeah, I know it's weird, but what am I supposed to do: change my whole personality to accommodate the blogging tools?)

The bottom line is that Blogger is good stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it.

* I know of at least one workaround for subcategories, as long as you don't need more than two levels of hierarchy. Beyond that, it gets ugly. But even one level of categories is a hell of a lot more than you get with Livejournal, so you're still ahead of the game, should you get some weird impulse to be like me and impose some topical logical organization on your site. In any event, happy blogging!

Robot Boy said...

Steve, buddy, you lost me around 'labels.' Glad you're on board.

Robot Boy said...

Not being able to search the site was the real killer for me. I need to be able to find something I wrote two years ago. Who knows, there might be a kernel of something good.